How does Going Expert find Travel Agents who have been where I am going?

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If you are booking a Point A to Point B flight and maybe even a hotel when you get there, then you can probably do that online directly with the airline, or hotel. But if you want to travel to a destination that is unfamiliar to you, or in a particular style or enjoy everything that destination can offer from local knowledge, then it helps to organise that with someone who has some 'been-there' experience. Maybe your local travel agent can give you the appropriate brochure off their shelf, but they haven’t necessarily been where you are wanting to go.

The Going database is full of real travel agents who have been to your destination. We match your travel request with the best suited travel specialists who have actually been where you are going. They have been there, they have experienced the hotels, the transport, the food, the sights, the weather – they are first-hand Experts. You select one and are given their full contact information. This is no cost to you.

Do I book my trip through Going?

Going doesn’t plan trips for you, we don’t book flights, hotels, tours, transport or anything else. We connect you with the Experts who have been where you are going. Your chosen Travel Specialist will do all the planning and booking for you in the normal course of planning your trip. And they're sure to save you money too.

Will my Expert Travel Agent be in my local area?

Probably not, and there's no real need to be. Your selected travel agent is an expert in where you are going so the whole process of planning and booking your travel will be easier and most likely cost a lot less than if you did it yourself. You will give them a brief of your requirements, and they will provide you with some knowledgable ideas, then you go from there, just like you would sitting face to face with a nearby travel agent, except your travel expert has first hand experience with your destination. Some travel agents charge a very small planning fee which is refundable when you book. This is purely because they are likely to spend days on the planning of your trip. Fair enough right? Your contact with them can quite successfully be done by email and phone.

How much does Going cost?

We don’t charge you, the Traveller, for this service. When you connect with a Travel Expert they pay a minimal charge to Going, and that’s how we are funded – no secret ads coming your way, and we are not sharing or selling your contact details to travel operators. The only person that receives your minimal contact information is the travel expert that you choose to connect with and in return you get full contact and experience details from them.

Oh, and every travel expert usually has a valuable special offer relevant to your destination, just for you when you connect with them.

Then it’s up to the two of you to start planning how to make your trip the best experience of your year, or even your life. You don’t pay any premiums to do business with them, they are purely utilising GoingExpert as a business tool to connect with Travellers that wouldn’t normally walk past their door.

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